Current Projects:

  • Market evaluation of an all-natural, organic sulfur product as an alternative to sulfuric acid and sulfurous acid (sulfur burners) in agricultural operations.
  • Market evaluation of an all-natural, organic product for low cost water nutrient management in animal feeding operations and industrial water treatment facilities.


Completed Projects Include:

  • Implemented environmental and operational database management system projects (LIMS, GeoTracker, Rewards Program, Investment and Asset/Liability Management)
  • Worked closely with the State Water Boards and the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) to implement sampling and testing procedures for federal and state groundwater, ponds, injection waters, discharge waters, beneficial re-use of produced waters and related regulations for oil producers and agricultural entities.
  • Worked closely with California Air Resources Board (ARB) to develop innovative sampling and lab procedures for testing greenhouse gases in crude oil and produced waters to meet emerging regulatory requirements, as well as air compliance with various local air districts (SJVAPCD).
  • Worked with biomass, bio-methane, landfill, and renewable energy firms on energy analysis and environmental compliance issues.
  • Provided evaluation and recommendations to private equity and natural resource firms for Acquisition and Development projects.
  • Developed a non-regulated retail natural gas aggregation program for the Midwest and South Central U.S. – including credit and risk policies, credit insurance, operating procedures, accounting / management systems, pipeline / utility tariffs and business development process.
  • Evaluated CH&P and Biofuel projects for a natural gas utility.
  • Raised capital and managed financial relationships: private investment capital, commercial banking, and mezzanine funding.