Addressing Small Business Issues and Opportunities

Data-Driven Decision Making

Cardinal Analytical assists start-up to small business clients with the cost-effective development and implementation of business and environmental initiatives – one-time projects, on-going programs, and their associated management support systems and staff training programs.  Given our cross-industry and multi-state regulatory experience, with a strong emphasis on data analytics and testing, we offer clients a unique internal/external, micro/macro-perspective on understanding and proactively addressing industry opportunities.

Our company experience includes: financial and operational management for business entities, revitalization of existing business programs, development and implementation of new business initiatives, marketing, and development of policies and procedures for integrated field and lab testing processes for Federal, State and corporate environmental compliance projects.

Analysis and recommendations

  • Start with assessment of current situation, business objectives and company strengths / weaknesses
  • Troubleshoot if necessary
  • Assess regulatory situation (see “Facilitate interaction and compliance …”)
  • Develop plan of action for project or program initiative
  • Assess needed internal systems, personnel, product(s), service(s) and equipment / technology for initiative
  • Construct and implement development process – encompassing internal and external action items – for initiative

Facilitate interaction and compliance with regulatory agencies and stakeholders

  • Evaluate current and proposed regulations
  • Determine impact of regulatory and associated (cultural/stakeholder) environmental requirements on current situation and proposed initiative
  • Develop (and implement if requested) plan for initiative
  • Interact with appropriate regulatory and stakeholder organizations

Evaluate financial feasibility for proposed initiative

  • Determine financial opportunity/upside related to implementation of initiative
  • Perform due diligence
  • Provide recommendations and next steps
  • Assess and introduce funding sources (if requested)

Build teams and processes within the organization

  • Identify leaders
  • Determine training requirements
  • Structure on-going management requirements
  • Design, develop and implement systems for management of initiative

Available as a short-term Consultant or on a longer-term, Fractional CFO basis

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